Tuesday, May 8, 2012


When I say SUPPORT I understand support comes in many forms. Some in the ways of a supportive bra during a long run, support stockings, support staff, support systems, support beams to hold up a building. The word Support means the following......
To sustain or to maintain
Serve as a foundation for
Undergo or endure, especialy in patience or submission

 I require a ton of support and I do not mean int he material manner. I need mental, physical and emotional support. For some people showing support can be hard. In my situation I have found that some of the people whom I thought would support my journey slowly wasted by the sidelines as my life carries on and others stand out strong and proud and are my biggest fans. I say if you with me on this ride it will be amazing!! I have so much to look forward to so many milestones to hit and if you are supporting my journey then you are a part of what I am doing.  By being a role model I have in turn been able support to a ton of other people. I have become more positive and my actions reflect this. I am not sitting on the sidelines waiting for my arthritis to get better. The fact is there is no cure YET, so if  I sit around I will have wasted my whole life. The catch to this is I could not be where I am now with out the STRONG support of my friends and family. I would like to highlight that my sister has been a huge motivation for me. We currently have been training for the Scotiabank Half Marathon and I have stuck to the training strictly because my sister said she would do this with me....I honestly could not do it with out her. The support she gives me in this way truly makes me stronger, fit, and mentally better. This past weekend we were supose to run 16 kilometers for the training group, long story short we ran 20ks. I was so tuckered at the end but I DID IT!!!! 1 kilometer from my goal and the race is still a month and a bit away. I am still in shock...I cried a bit at the end but I was honestly so tired. Mentally I never though I would be able to do it, but physically I was able to finish 20k....it's amazing. I am sure if I did not have the support of my sister on this run I would never do it. I am not sure if she knows how lucky I feel to have her by myside or if she even undrestands that this is a goal that means the world to me and to be able to do it with her makes it even more special for me......I care more about that finish line then anything my whole life that I have accomplished. I think because it represents the fact that nothing is impossible. My family gives me the support I need to live a happy life. They don't get sad or upset about the possibility's of the future instead they stay super positive and that positivity is then transfered to me....its truly great!

 BUT Sometimes at  home and work I am finding that I am having a hard time getting the support I need. I am not afraid to say it to my followers because we all have difficult times. Sometimes I feel like I have these really hard days where I can not express how I am feeling. I don't want to burden or ask for help but sometime I need it. For the most part I do okay and I am strong on my own, but there are really hard days that require some more support. I have heard of systems where you write out a number between one and ten ten being the most difficult and make it clear for others to see........lets be honest I just won't do that. I don't wnat people to fuss over me and ask me what the number means at work......at home I might try this. People with chronic illness suffer mass amounts of depression. I sometimes feel like I am not ever going to accomplish everything and fear that things will be hard in my future it can really honestly bring you down fast if you start to let it. Support is the KEY. I need to find a way to get all the support I need from everyone around me. I need positivity, love, laughter, and goals. I can not imagine what it is like for some people who have no one to help them . Thank god I have my family and my dear friends!! That is why this run means sao very much to me. It is notr about the training, or the sweat, it is about the statement behind it......nothing is impossible. It is easy to get things when you ask or tell. If you are needing support just ask, in the long run you will feel better and maybe just maybe see the light at the end of the tunnel!!

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