Monday, August 6, 2012

4 weeks in

4 weeks in and all I want is a pizza.....maybe a grilled cheese...maybe a nice piece of cake. BUT rest assured that I will not be having any of this as I am on week 4 of my new eating. I could say diet but I prefer a lifestyle change it sounds better. Honestly the first couple weeks were really hard. Discipline with food has always been really hard especially when it comes to family gatherings, cheezzies and party's. I feel pretty good though. I have cut out wheat, sugar, salt and some dairy. Although your thinking it sounds really hard it just takes alot of planning on my behave, and smart decisions. I have to read almost every label but it only takes a second and I know if I can or can not have it. My food is very colorful and I feel really full after I eat a great meal. The long of the short is I think this will help me reach a goal weight and also make dealing with the arthritis better. I had to tell the people around me that I was doing this because I needed alot support. I still do but a good friend mentioned it usually takes 21 days to form a habit and I have made it past that so the habit of healthy eating has stuck....right.....???? I in return feel better about my body but I feel better because I have lost some weight. I also decided to start bootcamp 5 days a week and get into supreme shape. It is taking a while to see any results but "they say" (whoever they are) but slowly I hope to see some great results. At 34 it is important for me to make sure I am on the right health path.

I do apologize for the serious lack of postings but I have learned my mind and body is changing and I have had some emotional roller coasters that honestly made me feel like giving up but today I decided to start with a little update and let you know that I am doing just fine. 2012 has not been the best year so far but it is far from over I intend on ending it on a high note but just a little healthier and lighter. For all of you who suffer from chronic illness we know it is very very hard some days. I have turned to heathly eating and fitness to help boost the spirits and mind. Just try to find something you enjoy or a goal you can work towards and it will greatly help you mentally and physically. My weakness is now my strength and on that note I leave you with this quote....."Courage is not the absence or despair but the ability to conquer them"

Wish me luck on my next 4 weeks and I will post a before and after when I am sane enough to how you!! LOL

Love E

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