Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 In review and a year of not writing.

Where do I begin to explain why I did not share any stories, photos, and somewhat inspirational stuff. Like blogs that just disappear that is exactly what happened to mine in 2014. I got married, focused on my schooling (did you know that) and really worked on getting my feet placed solid on the ground with my health. What I learned in 2014 is that I am the most important person when it comes to what I think and others think. I am the one who has to look at herself everyday and like what I see. I think this is something that comes with age. I am not the most confident and this past year I did have some moments where I did not like what I saw in the mirror. I think we all have those days. BUT with that being said I am so proud I kicked ass in my night school, I am so GRATEFUL I created a wedding that made for a happy day, and I am mostly grateful that I feel like I am on the right path. it is interesting going back and reading all the past posts. I can defiantly see my journey. I can see my hard times, lonely times and I can see my great times!!!

You can not feel good if you are in pain everyday, and this past year I switched biologics and although there was a few minor hick-ups I was able to box, run, walk and sleep through the night. I was able to feel NORMAL. I was able to pick up my niece and nephews without any issues. I was able to walk down the isle without limping or worrying about the size of my dress. I felt like I was normal. It truly made for a better year. I only had to do it every month which was great. Instead of every 10 days. Plain and simple it changed my life. I started juicing everyday, some days my juices was horrific....LOL but started to make small changes in my eating and I feel like that also helped.

NOW for 2015.....I have a lot of goals. I strongly suggest writing any out that you may have and placing this list on the back of a door so you can be reminded of any resolutions, goals, and dreams for the new year. I seem to have so many this year!!! This is not even all of them.....

Here is a bit of my list:
1. Be kind to myself, be happy.
2. Get really healthy run another half marathon.
3. Finish School, maybe take more school.
4. Pay off my debt, or at least half of it.
5. Work on making a family.
6.Travel plans, make a map with a list of places I want to go.
7. Move.
8. Read a couple books.

Well I am keeping this short and sweet for this post, but I wish you all an amazing 2015 filled with love, happiness, and health.

Love Erin van Veen

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