Monday, October 31, 2011


Today 1-10 I am about a 4 which is FANTASTIC!!!!

Perception. Last week I was having a tough time with my walking. I can walk but I just look like I am stiff and sore, especially when my inflammation levels are high. It is very clear to others when I am not at my best. I had recently gotten sick and so my doctor asked me to stop with my arthritis injection treatments. So I had gone approx one and a half months with nothing in my system to help with the levels of inflammation and pain. The past 2 week was physically, and mentally tough. I can not remember having such a tough time. I think I have cried more out of pure frustration more then anything the past month. Last week I got so frustrated by the end of the day that when someone asked me what was wrong I said "nothing"...I am perfectly fine. I usually have no problem telling people because most of the time I think I have accepted it, and I like to educate them. The most common thing I hear when I tell people what I have is "wow your so young","you don't look like you should have arthritis","You work in the wrong place","Only older people have it"..................................Okay so I would like to set acouple things straight. First I am 33 so anytime I get a comment regarding me being young I am always grateful!! Truth is there are millions of people under the age of 40 with diagnosed arthritis. There are so many forms of arthritis that most people are only aware of a specific type of arthritis through family or friends.
What I want to see when people look at me is a healthy, positive role model. That is all. I want people to see that through adversity I truly have found out how strong I am and how willing I am to change the perceptions of arthritis. I can not move mountains but gosh darn it I  will move some hills. It is not until someone close to you gets sick that you really learn about illness and perceptions. I always try to educate others but I really try not to preach. I have met others with AS who have done very well.I know some who dwell in their situations. I prefer to stand tall and try my best to change peoples perceptions on a disease that can take many forms.

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