Monday, October 31, 2011

Finding the Humor!!

Today I posted an old post I did called perception and it got me to thinking about humor, laughter and well being. I recently took a road trip top the states with a dear friend. I can honestly it was the best day. I think we spent at least 95% laughing. At one point we almost went through the border laughing. We did pull it together for about a minute and then completely went straight back into laughter.

Here's the thing about laughter when you laugh it gives you a pleasant sensation that triggers the endorphins, increases blood flow, reduces stress BUT the most important boosts your anti-body cells, enhances your T-cells which then leads to as stronger immune system. I like anything that will help my immune system. It was a group conclusion in the car this weekend that there is nothing better then a good gut wrenching laugh. I am still thinking I need to attend one of those laughing groups!! I think I have found my partner in crime I just have yet to tell her.

It is important to take a moment and laugh or smile. we spend so much time worrying about life and situations that we forget to stop and giggle or share a funny story. What makes me laugh is the fact that two woman on a small road trip found humor in trying to figure out if Chickens had Balls....or testicles.........Still makes me smile!!!

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