Friday, March 16, 2012


 Are you one of those people who always wishes for luck? I hope I get lucky? I wish I could get lucky? Lucky this, lucky that???? They type of luck I always wish for, is the luck of money. At least that's what I thought this morning....... I know they say money does not buy happiness but I believe that it sure helps out alot! Today I was reminded that luck is not about material things you attain but the life you lead, the people you keep in your circle, and the great memories you make. It is about family, friends, and the best life you live. There is this guy I know who goes to the casino a fair bit and I swear he always wins, I always make comments about horse shoes falling out of his ass. The best part is he is so financially set that the last thing he needs is more mullah. I am not sure what he did to deserve this amazing karma that he has but he always wins and I always comment "YOUR SO LUCKY!!" Here's the thing. He is a miserable person who is not that nice to anyone. He can be very short, rude, mean and a bit of a grump.I often think there is not enough money in the world for me to ever step into his shoes. I can not even imagine what life would be like that miserable. Yeah he's always "winning" but he's also miserable.

In the dictionary the word lucky means chance and good fortune. I do believe this person has good fortune and by chance has magically convinced the universe to constantly allow him to win........all the time. But I also know someone who is filling some tough shoes. She is very broke, has relationship problems, children that are causing trouble. She is the hardest worker I know, always smiling even when she is having the worst day. These two people are polar opposites. This woman I know has just lost her father this past week and still as she is standing at my desk she is still smiling. She has been dealt a very difficult set of cards and every time she tried to make changes for the better something comes and knocks her down. I see such depression in her eyes and yet a smile on her face to cover it all up. She has not been dealt good fortune in her life and the chance has yet to come her way. She cares so much that even when her family treats her horribly she is still there holding there hand til the day they pass.

What I was reminded today is that I may not be rich, I may not get "lucky" all the time but my good fortune is the wonderful people around me and the love they give me. My luck does not come in the form of material things but yet the form of love, happiness, family and friends. Although I don't have horseshoes running out my ass like my one male friend I would not change what I have for anything or anyone. I by chance have met people who have changed my life dramatically and that is where the man in the sky has made me lucky. This Saint Patricks Day when you are sitting around with your friends or family make sure you make a toast to them. Unlike the man I know who will most likely be sitting in the casino alone you will be celebrating with those close. That makes you lucky!!

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