Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pretty girls, Shiny rims

 Today's post was inspired by an email I received today. I was claiming in an email to a dear friend that I had not been feeling myself. I didn't get into complete detail but what I was trying to express was that I feel at times like the walls are coming in on me a bit. I sometimes feel like I am standing still in a room full of people and they are all moving forward but I feel like I can not lift my feet up. It is a very overwhelming feeling. At times I feel like I am confused on what direction I should take. I have these very very highs and extreme lows. I over think everything and am feeling very worried for some things that are ahead of me. I am not sure what triggers these types of days but every now and a gain I get really down. I am not afraid to admit it and I am not afraid to share it but I struggle with this depression side of chronic illness. It weighs heavy on me every once and a while.....today being one of those days. You know I know it's all about the positive attitude which I think I am better at , I know it's all about my physical health but to be honest I think I am struggling with alot from all of it. I have not been able to get my weight under control, and I am sooooo tired all the time and I don't feel happy. The point I'm trying to express here is when I get all caught up in these overwhelming thoughts I lose focus of all the great things. Today the email I received made me stop for a second and remember all the small things. His exact words "See the beauty in all the little things" the next sentence was "You know like pretty girls, shiny rims" LOL so I tried to find something right away that I could find beauty in.......and well this is what I found.............ANGEL FOOD CAKE WITH LEMON CURD AND MASCARPONE CREAM.........that's right you heard me the cover of the Canadian living magazine sitting on my desk with the most beautiful looking cake. The interesting thing about this is my mom makes this angel food cake with lemon and lemon whipping cream and it is heavenly!! So in the process of me looking for things of beauty I was reminded of my family.

Here is my reminder to all of you that have followed me on these posts. Please find the beauty in something small each day just one thing to start if you are feeling down...then work your way up.  See the bright side and don't get discouraged. Open up to those around you that make you smile and be compassionate to those who need it. Like Pretty girls and Shiny rims!!! ( thanks Ron)

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