Thursday, October 27, 2011


I think each entry I would like to start off with my current levels. Pain level between 1-10 is about a 7, low back is causing me issues and lymph nods are really bothering me.

I try to keep my stress to a minimum, but I am not one to be extra care free. I have been told to try to take it easy and live a stress free life....UMMMMM yeah right. There are so many things that can cause us stress during the day, from money, work, people, traffic, and relationships. If I could master the calm non stress life trust me I would. I often think of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love and I wish I could do everything she did. The minute I get upset or worried I almost slip into a different role. I can actually feel all the stress start to weigh down on me. With having a disease stress can trigger more then what we think. Stress can actually make you feel worse then you do already.

When we get stressed our body gives off chemical mediators into our blood stream. Some of the related symptoms off stress include memory problems, lack of concentration, poor judgement, being negative, anxious, racing thoughts, constant worrying, moodiness, short temper, inability to relax, isolation, loneliness, and depression. You will also find some more physical issues arise like aches/pains, constipation, nausea, dizziness, rapid heart beats, no sex drive, colds/flu's, not enough sleep, over or under eating, isolating yourself from others, using alcohol, cigarettes or drugs. I can honesty say that i have suffered at least some of these symptoms on a regular basis. Here are a few of the thing I feel are important in managing stress.

A GOOD SUPPORT SYSTEM is key. It is important to make sure you surround yourself with people who can help you, make you feel positive, and be there for you when you need it. Only a few people I know have actually witness me cry out of pure frustration and these people have always been my family and close friends. My second words of advice is CRY...that's right I said cry.....sometimes I feel when I am overwhelmed or stressed I just have a really good 5 minute cry. I always seem to feel better once I have allowed myself to let out a quick burst of emotion. I have almost cried everywhere....not all the time but I have defiantly hit up some elevators after leaving appointments, washrooms, my car, outside, even a back hallway once or twice. The way I work is when I am frustrated or mad I cry....LOL but with that being said my next advice is SING.....singing really loud (even if your bad) can be a great way to let go of stress. I prefer to sing in my car I usually pull up to the light and pretend I am yawning if someone looks funny. Every morning on my way to work I sing a different artist. This more Shania Twain was my pick. I am in my safe place in my car. Also the acoustics are amazing!!!! LAUGH try to laugh try to find the humor. I constantly try to find the humor in my situations. I love to laugh. there is nothing then a good gut wrenching laugh. I have thought about attending a laugh session where a bunch of people get together and laugh for an hour but I have not found a willing accomplice. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY is very very important. I like to go out for walks, runs, and hikes. I feel it not only takes my mind off my current situation but it makes my body feel good, and when my body is feeling good my mood is good. Yoga is great for stretching, strengthening, and relaxing the mind. On my good days I like to get moving a bit quicker like running, stairs and brisk walks. I think because I am stubborn I like to think I can do everything. I am convinced on a great day I can. I have participated in runs that have all raised money for arthritis and it makes me feel so good when I can take part in activities that support my life. Some days I can barely walk well but then i have these days where I feel anything is possible. COOK !!! yup I said cook.....I feel like when I am creative in the kitchen it allows me to alter things, then adjust ingredient's and control what I am doing. Unlike my arthritis which I can not change I can do whatever I want in the kitchen. I usually play music find a recipe and try my best to make it perfect. I am sure my mom can tell some  stories about my cooking along with my boyfriend but overall I have gotten really good.

Well that is about all I have time to write today but don't worry I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. This is so awesome Erin, I love how real you are in your writing. Thank
    you for opening yourself up and sharing your suffering and your coping skills with your readers. You are a trooper and a joy to many people.
    I am so privaledged to have gotten to know you over the last few years
    Know I will be praying for you through this journey and be your friend.

  2. erin, i am really enjoying reading your blog posts. you are inspiring :)