Friday, November 4, 2011

Family & Friends

Family is very important to me. I love my family! I am really lucky that I have great family. I look at other people relationships with there families and I just see how lucky I am to be so blessed. My biggest supporters have been my family. They have attended most of the events I have done for the arthritis, they have sponsored me, stood on the sidelines cheered, and also shared tears with me. I can not imagine not having anyone to help me through the times that have been tough. Some days after appointments I have called my mom just to cry and tell her how unfair it is. I usually have a good cry and then she reminds me that I need to stay positive and keep a strong frame of mind. She lets me have my down moments but also does not let me fall to far. My nephew Caelan....ohhh that little monkey  currently he is the apple of my eye. I am so in love with being an auntie is is crazy. I look at him and my heart fills up with so much love. I can not wait to watch him grow up. He makes me want to be healthier and better so I can always keep up with him. There is just so many happy things in our family.  I have so many things to really look forward too. I could go on and on but what I can tell you is this.........Family is where your heart is, where you grow and learn, where memories are made, and where you will always be loved. You will never be judged and always be helped. Family is Love , Love is Family......( I wrote that myself) Good I know!!

Friends come and go so they say.....but it is so true they do come and go, and some are brought back after long periods away, others fade, for some life takes over or distance is hard.  In this process have been able to determine whom is with me for the long haul, who is with me in spirit, and who is uncomfortable talking about aspect of this disease, and who my lifters are. I come first in my life and I made a decision to keep happiness around me. Life is tough enough why deal with drama. I want people who enhance my life not make think about whether or not they care. It's pretty easy for others to place judgment or not care, but we must remember that just because a person never talks to you about your condition does not mean they don't care it could mean they are just not comfortable with it. I did not choose this disease TRUST me it was not in my plan to have to deal with this at all. But with that being said I think I do really well. I keep my chin up, I help others, I think I listen better and I understand that not everyone will understand or get it. I will say that I am lucky to have wonderful friends all over the place. I have friends I have met online with my disease that have become pillars of strength and motivation. I love people who inspire me, make me laugh and most of all just let me be me. I do not waste my time on others who may not have good intentions, or are negative. I only now surround myself with those whole truly bring me happiness and joy. My perspective on life is a little different then before.....there s no time in life for unhappiness when it comes to friends. There is ALWAYS time for laughs, giggles, wine and some nice cheese. I would not be who I am with out having great friends in my life. I defiantly know that I am grateful for those who have truly helped me tears, and all. You are the reason I am doing so well today. Thank you. To all those near and far you are all in my life to enhance it!!

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