Thursday, November 3, 2011

Injection Day Today!

Today is the day for my injection. So many people have asked how I have managed my arthritis and what I take. I am currently on Humira which is a injection form of medication which I take every two weeks. I have may have mentioned that the first time the doctors wanted me to try it I was super hesitant. It was not until April 2011 that we decided it was in my best interest to get my quality of life back. I have met some people that refuse to do this medication but I figured that the pros might weigh out the cons so should just try it. The problem with these so called miracle drugs is that they actually do work well until something seems to go horribly wrong. I have read some stories about others on Humira and the devastation it has caused them, but flip side I have read some amazing stuff too. There are issues going on in my body that already exist with my form of arthritis. My immune system is compromised and basically my body works against it self fighting good cells and creating me physical issues. My body thinks it is healing itself but it is actually fighting itself. The inflammation builds up making the body think it is protecting itself but puts me into my worst physical condition. So with the Humira it is a TNF blocker which stands for tumor necrosis factor it binds to the the TNF blocking the process of inflammation. The injection itself looks like your typical epipen. I usually do it at night so I can sleep through the side effects. Roger is my injection support system. He gets me mentally prepared and also holds the area of skin at the injection site. I tend to do the injection in my leg because the belly hurts so much. There is no question about it, it is very painful but it is quick and usually there are some tears and I am good to go. My issues are completely mental. Since it was not something I was mentally prepared to do and I am taking a risk by doing this form of treatment it is very hard for me to put this drug in my body. Like I said we are hoping long term the pros out weight the cons. Since the Humira makes my immune system very weak I always have to be extra careful. I can not be around anyone who is sick, or not feeling well. Once you get sick on this medication the body gets a bit confused. I recently got sick and the cold turned into so many major issues. I had to go off the Humira and wait until my body was better to handle it. During that time I was put on 2 different anit-biotics and also started a new vitamin routine. Not only was I sick but it was very clear the inflammation was getting bad. I had a really bad month, I was not sleeping well, I could not walk well and I felt like my arthritis was worse now then before I started the drugs. I did an injection 2 weeks ago, although I was not 100 percent but I honestly could not go another day feeling the way I was feeling. So now we are at today.......YEAH hopefully to days injection will be good. I pray it will start to work in the next couple days because I am walking like I have a stick crammed up my.........LOL. My attitude has been pretty positive. I really now just try to not let it get to me. If you want to read more on Humira you can go to the website very helpful tool.

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