Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday time

Well I just got back from my yearly November trip. Welcomed back with cold weather and a wish for warmer weather. I clearly function better in the warmer sun drink in hand.....This week has made it very clear to me that I do function better in a warmer environment. Two days into getting back I was sore, stiff and achy again. I can not believe that I work in the freezing cold to be honest with you. I work early mornings in a cooler...I clearly am nuts! I love my clients and at times I love my job. I am surrounded by beauty everyday. BUT it is cold and a labour job which requires me to lift, pull, push and move around in a cooler. I have looked into going back to school but am at a complete loss for what I would be great at! I think in the new year I will look into it further. I can whip up a wedding in a day but maybe I am done with the whole flower thing. Let me ask you this, if you could go back to when you graduated and re-do schooling what would you be doing? For those who did not go to school right after graduation do you wish you would have gone? My biggest regret is not going right away. The problem now is money. Lets be honest it is expensive to live where we do. There just is never the right amount of money sitting there waiting to be plucked up for school. My goal for the new year is to really figure out what is going to make me happy, live long, and feel accomplished. What is your goal for the new year???

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