Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HOPE in the battlefield

 Today's post is going out to someone who inspired me yesterday. My dear friend Jan has been going threw Some personal health issues and yesterday did not receive the care and attention she needed. I called her this morning to hear only things that would "break" a person who is struggling with their health. We rely on our Doctors to guide us down the right path. I personally have gone through a few specialists because they did not mesh with me. My first specialist was horrible, basically told me I was fine there was nothing wrong and that I basically needed to suck it up. Here I was diagnosed with something by my GP, and was sent off to a specialist who told me to suck it up. I remember waiting in the room with my mom and when he came back to the room I emotionally had given up almost excepting everything he had told me. I then decided to go to another specialist who was better but a bit to old school for me....the relationship worked but I still felt like I was not receiving the guidance and positive outlook I needed. It is imperative to have a doctor who believes in the cause he is working with, that offers hope, positivity and suggestions to ensure your personal quality of life is at its max. The bedside manner of some of these doctors is outrageous! Why are you a doctor......I am it to help people?? It takes a special person to really be a GREAT doctor. I now have the worlds best specialist. The moment I met him I knew I would have in my life to help me have a great quality of life. He has changed my life. Best of all when I go for my check ups every 3 months his positive attitude and his knowledge always makes me believe that one day they will find a cure. I had been putting of injection therapy for a long time because I was afraid.....I still am but the difference is he changed my mind to help me look at the bigger picture. My quality of life was the most important thing. He changed a non believer into a believer. I am now on my 5th month of my injection treatment and although we have had some bumps I feel like I have hope for my future. I try not to listen or read to much about the bad stuff with my drugs I just go with it....what is meant to be shall be BUT  now looking back at the way my life was 5 months ago I would not change a thing or decision I have made. I have been my own health advocate and really have stayed passionate about turning my situation into a positive thing. A regular saying I hear alot is "God only gives you what you can handle". I am not religious, more spiritual and I believe I've been given this disease to help and to inspire others that we must not give up. We can cry be frustrated and feel like the future is a scary  but we must not give up. My mom constantly reminds me to be more positive....I honestly really try. No one can ever understand what it is like to stand in someone Else's shoes, this is understandable but we can offer them hope and support in the times they feel like they are falling...we can catch each other. Cheesy as it sounds there is hope. I get hope from the great things that happen around me. I get hope by the support I feel. I get hope knowing that I can offer my experience to someone else and hopefully give them the lift they need to fight and continue fighting.


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