Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolutions

We all do it every year. We sit back and try to think of things we would like to change for the new year. It is always interesting what things I can come up with yet never follow through on. Seems to me I have been making the same new years resolutions every year. This year is different. When I reflect on all the changes in my life the past year I feel confident I have grown enough as a person to move forward with the next big changes. I have let those go out of my life that I felt were not enhancing my life. I have allowed new friends to grow which have brought me strength and true happiness. I have learned that the things I need around me to complete my life are simple and easy. As we get older things change dramatically. I remember New Years was always a time to get gussied up and hit the town for some great fun. Now I am content on staying home cooking a nice meal and watching a movie. When I reflect on this past year I think about the changes I made with my arthritis. I started a new drug which changed my life completely. Besides being sick and learning the ins and outs of this new drug I was able to physically accomplish more then the previous years. I had 2 newspaper articles and also was able to help and donate some time to the arthritis society. I learned how to crochet and although a few of you who own my "Hot Damn" dish cloth may state is a bit small, I want to let you know it was actually a blanket.......LOL just kidding it is a dish cloth! My cooking and baking has improved dramatically. When I say dramatically I truly mean dramatically!!! I also took up a bit of love for the kitchen and trying new dishes. Although I did not accomplish any of the things on my new years list I still accomplished some. Key word is some. With this year fast approaching I have a couple new years resolutions that I hopefully can accomplish. First I would like to pay my debt off,  I would like to do a half marathon, I would like to get in the best possible shape, and  I would like to be healthy. I am also going to try to be a vegetarian for half the year. I would like to be healthy enough to spend more time with my friends. All of these things are attainable with discipline and motivation. Resolutions are a good way to start from scratch and get back to basics. I have read my upcoming horoscope and it states that this coming year will be a good one for me. I feel excited about the changes I have ahead of me and I look forward to all the wonderful memories I will make. The best part is I know that I have a great family and wonderful friends to help me reach all my goals. I want to put this past year of sickness and struggles behind me and embrace a new fantastic year ahead. My heart will be open, my mind will be ready to learn, and my mouth will be ready to laugh. What does not break us truly does make us stronger. For every obstacle we encounter and conquer, a  stronger person shines. Although I have had struggles I still see the light at the end. I refuse to let 2012 go by without living, laughing and loving just a bit more.

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