Monday, March 5, 2012

Power Of Movement

The sound of 100 or so people all in a room together in the phrase of Om. Truly a breath taking and peaceful experience. I felt the first tear fall when I opened my eyes and looked around the room at everyone together and sitting in the same formation. THE  POWER OF MOVEMENT was truly moving. It moved me internally , emotionally and physically. It light up peace in my heart laughter and a feeling of one. I was fortunate enough to have my wonderful broth in-law Ian , and my Auntie Heather join me this time. At first walking in I honestly did not know what to expect. I was a tad drowsy from the night before but figured this yoga class would be okay because I could relax...........WELL what a pleasant surprise to know that a quarter of the way through we were laughing, jumping, dancing, playing Patty cake with partners a truly involved in movement. The second tear fell when I decided to do a little video on my phone. Everyone I mean EVERYONE was dancing, singing and laughing. It was amazing to feel,and see so much energy. I honestly have never been in a room that had this much energy. In life lived like this everyday the world would be a better place no question. The third a couple tears fell was at the end of class when it was complete silence. There was peace in the air. It gave me a chance to reflect on how far I have come, where I am heading and how absolutely grateful I felt to have all of these people raising money, sharing love for something that I deal with on a daily basis. I can not explain to you what it is like to be in my shoes but I can tell you is yesterday I remember how good it feels to be involved in such a wonderful cause.



  2. Thanks Erin, It was so great to meet you in person, and reading your post gave me goose bumps. I felt those feelings as well. A wonderful event indeed. Let's talk running soon. be well, Kulbinder

  3. Sharing some photos I took,